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  • December 7, 2018

I recently saw a portrait of siblings with strikingly similar features and it gave me an idea to give it a try with my own family. My husband and my youngest son are basically the same person, just 35 years difference and the same can be said for my brother in law and my nephew Cole. These were super fun to do and everyone loved the outcome! I’ll let you be the judge:

Getting Technical

To try this at home, a few tips: you’re going to want to be in a well lit room by a window and you will need to get REALLY close and either have a super steady hand or a tripod. I recommend a tripod. If you have a flash or a light stand, all the better but for this instance, I only had a tripod and completely depended on natural light.  Image sharpness is related to f/number through two different optical effects: aberration, due to imperfect lens design, and diffraction which is due to the wave nature of light.[12] The blur optimal f-stop varies with the lens design. For modern standard lenses having 6 or 7 element the sharpest image is often obtained around f/5.6–f/8.

Settings for left photo: ISO 400/ f 7.1 and 1/10 sec. (on a tripod) (I would NEVER go this low without a tripod, for non tripod use, I always stay above 1/50 and for kids 1/125.

Settings for the right photo: ISO 640/f 7.1 and 1/30 sec. (on a tripod) (I changed my ISO because a cloud went by covering the sun.

If you are interested in learning more about photography or manual photography, stay tuned, I will be holding classes in 2019!