Film is where its at

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  • August 17, 2018

A few months ago I got a wild hair to get into film photography. I started researching and decided to buy an old vintage Canon AE Program for myself for my birthday for about $120. I bought some black and white Ilford and some Kodak 400H and started taking photos when I was around town, of my kids in the backyard, etc. Finally after many months, I sent my 3 rolls of film off to a photo lab in California and they processed and returned the film via email by scans. You may be wondering why it took so long, well, with film every photo counts..and its pricey. I really had no idea if the camera was even doing what it was supposed to be doing, there really was no way of knowing until the film came back. My boys played with it and my oldest son even took my portrait..which is blurry and grainy and perfect! Film is so forgiving! The tones, the grain, its all so beautiful!

Things I’ve learned:

  1. Film is not cheap
  2. Getting film developed and scanned is not cheap
  3. Good quality 35mm cameras ARE relatively affordable on ebay or marketplace
  4. Getting scans in your email , inbox is like Christmas morning
  5. Nothing beats a film quality photo
  6. There is no post process editing and that is fabulous!
  7. Taking a photo and not knowing if its worth anything is exhilarating….BUT if its a really important shot, take another one really quick with your iphone just to make sure you got the shot…
  8. I’m in LOVE with film

Film is a labor of love and although you may not see the beauty in these photos, I can remember each and every one when I took them because I was taking them with purpose and meaning….(and every shot costs $$)! I hope you love them as much as I do, if they aren’t your thing, that’s totally ok too!