G Pa J (Portraits at any age)

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  • December 11, 2018

G Pa J, so named by the grand kids turns a young 87 in 4 short days. If you’re one of the lucky ones, on any given day, you could see Grandpa John driving up your driveway..and he does not come empty handed. Growing up, he always had the newspaper for us and something delicious..bacon wrapped smokies, pickle things, a simple cheese/olive tray, maybe a ham or a pork roast he decided to slow cook through the evening/morning hours..the list goes on. In the summer, its a given that he will have tomatoes..Delicious. Gigantic. Amazing. Tomatoes. Even the cows wait at the fence for their bucket, they are the best fed in town.

After being instructed not to bring anything, he arrived at Thanksgiving dinner with a delicious cabbage casserole and bacon wrapped smokies. The pure deliciousness of his food is amazing and often I wonder why I did not inherit this cooking ability (baking cookies is a typical challenge for me). As we sat after stuffing ourselves, dozing in and out of sleep, I asked him if I could take his portrait, he laughed and said sure! then said he wished he had teeth, wink wink ;).

He probably will not see this post but if he does, I hope he’s happy with his portrait. I LOVE the old photos I found of him and he’s still our handsome, clean cut, G Pa J.

This holiday, I challenge you to take photos of your loved ones, young and old. I promise you will cherish them forever.