Move Over Chip & Joanna

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  • June 11, 2018

First things first, this is not a DIY blog..BUT I’m so proud of my husband I have to show off his mad skills..

My parents had some walnut trees cut down on our family farm a few years ago and asked us if we wanted some of the trees to get milled. Rob jumped at the chance and immediately had a plan of attack…I went to Pinterest for ideas!

Step 1. Have the log milled into boards (I have this photo somewhere, its lost in a sea of digital files). Rob came home from a trip to the farm with a huge log in his truck bed and took it up the road to someone that had a small mill. An hour later he was back home with a truck full of freshly cut rough boards!



Step 2. Time to make something!! Yay! Pinterest here I come. Then he asks me to help him put it in the attic,”wait a minute, why the attic? Just keep it in the garage”… Bad news, the wood has to dry out for 1 – 2 years. WHAT?!! I had no idea..who has that kind of patience?

Step 3 – Go about life for the next 2 years..oh and start slowly buying tools and large scary sharp cutting things for all birthdays and holidays..

Step 4 – Get to building! This was all Rob, he is all about craftsmanship and quality, he found a pattern for a beautiful walnut king headboard and spent the next week in the garage..I’d love to tell you more about this process but I really have zero clue how he does any of it. I really am in awe of his abilities!



Almost done….a few coats of a special oil rub finish to bring out the grains and in the bedroom it goes!



Isn’t it beautiful?! The total cost was about $180 since we had to get a longer piece of wood for the top. Normal retail for a solid walnut headboard? $1500



We are soooo thrilled with this headboard! It really is a beautiful piece and will be an heirloom for our children and theirs! Now on to the next project…a medal holder for my 8 year old’s gymnastics medals…ok, back to photography..up next will be vacation photos and my journey through figuring out film photography after a 20 year hiatus!