Shells kiddos are off to Kindergarten

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  • July 29, 2018

My son has been fortunate to have the most amazing daycare provider turned preschool teacher turned second mom since he was a toddler. The huge bonus of a second family that loves your kids their own is something every parent dreams for their babies as they navigate work/life balance. As if there couldn’t be anything better than this, he has also developed life long friendships with a  small group of kiddos he’s been with almost every day for 4+ years (some of them have been together since they were infants). Now, with the exception of two of them are all going separate ways to Kindergarten. Insert tears here_____. So as any mother having trouble coming to grips with her youngest heading off to school without his best friends and best teacher/second mom, Shell, we decided to do some back to school mini sessions. Michelle & Jeremy, thank you for taking such great care of our kids! (disclaimer – Henry and Louie (the oldest and smallest were along for the ride, not upcoming kindergartners..this disclaimer requested by the 8 yr old:)